The absolute


for you to get help in an emergency  

  Send an alert in less than  3 SECONDS...!  

Shake2Alert has made all the difference to my peace of mind - Everyone should have this on their phone!

Whenever you are threatened or feeling unsafe ...

shake your phone

In a stressful situation, you may not have time to look up a number or find a particular button to press - you might not even know where you are! 


That's why you want the quickest & easiest way to send a message to those you trust - to let them know you're in trouble and need help fast

Because no one wants to feel alone in an emergency...!

SMS & Email Alerts

Your chosen contacts will immediately receive an SMS and Email notifying

them that you may be in trouble.

Unlimited emergency contacts!

Live GPS Tracking

The GPS will show your exact location, with pinpoint accuracy & real time tracking when on the move.

Your phone continues tracking until cancelled by you.

Video & Audio Recording

Your alert immediately switches on your phone's camera, so contacts see & hear what is happening.

This recording is also cloud stored for future evidence.

Watch the Video below to see how Shake2Alert works for you
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The Ultimate Personal Emergency App

Being alone in an emergency can be one of the most distressing & desperate

feelings in the world ... but now you don't have to feel isolated - because

we'll show you how you can turn your phone into an all-in-one

personal safety system that instantly sends an alert for

help - exactly when and where you need it!

Includes these BONUS Features

Man Down

This is great for anyone who is working, travelling or spending time on their own. 


You'll feel  secure knowing that, should you not be able to call for help - due to a fall or  sudden impact - your contacts will still be instantly notified that you're in trouble and need assistance.


Good for

Active sports such as cycling or hiking

Anyone working alone

Dangerous occupations

Elderly people

Vulnerable employees


This feature allows your trusted contacts to watch over you, when you set out on a trip.


They are able to track your every move in real time (both on their phone & computer) and will get a notification when you have safely arrived at your destination.


Good for

Children heading home

Students on & off campus

Cyclists, runners, hikers


Anyone travelling / touring


For whenever you are concerned about meeting someone you're not completely comfortable with. 


Have the confidence of knowing that, if you're in trouble & can't get to your phone, an alert will be sent automatically - when the allotted time runs out. 


This will work even if the phone has been switched off or destroyed.

Good for

Travellers on public transport

Anyone working alone

Estate agents

Social workers

Blind dates

Night-shift worker



"Technology is vital in the fight against crime."                                                        -  S A Minister of Police

What They Say...

I travel to work by train every

day and have the app on my cellphone.  Most of the time I feel safe, but sometimes there's a dodgy character around ... I just wish that all the other commuter's had it too, then together we could help to stop crime on the trains.

Ethan, Film Editor, Cape Town

Hey, this app is so cool - I've been telling my friends on campus about it, so they can download it too - Thank You!

Janine, UCT, Cape Town

Actually, I live quite close to the clinic, but when I come off my shift late at night, I sometimes get very scared when I'm walking home in the dark.  But this makes me feel protected - like I'm not alone.

Patience - Nursing Sister, KZN

Shake2Alert has made all the difference to my confidence when meeting with new clients.  I'm very aware that as a woman working alone, I do have to be careful, because you just never know who you might meet.  It really is better to be safe than sorry!

Sonja - Estate Agent, Gauteng

In an emergency - 3 SECONDS can save your life!


R30 per month

Affordable membership for everyone -
   ♥     No hidden costs
   ♥     No additional in-app purchases
   ♥     Unlimited emergency contacts
        Unlimited alerts
   ♥     30 Day money back guarantee
   ♥     Discounts for Annual & Family membership
How much are those crucial seconds worth to you...? 
Secure Payment - 100% Protected & Safe
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are unhappy for absolutely ANY reason at all within the first 30 days you will get a full refund.