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How it works

When you're in an unsafe, or potentially dangerous situation, you may not have time to even think about what to do....

You simply want an app that works - immediately! That is why Shake2Alert needed to be as simple to use as possible - for your peace of mind.  

Easy to Use

Simply switch on - then shake your phone if you're in trouble

Step 1: Login to the app

Take a pro-active approach to your personal safety - we encourange you to login to Shake2Alert daily, before you are in a potentially dangerous situation - eg:

BEFORE getting into your car to drive home after a night out with friends

BEFORE setting off on a bike ride or walk down a quiet country road 

BEFORE meeting up with someone you don't know.

You are tracked in real time from the moment you activate Shake2Alert, even though an alert has not yet been raised.  This is done so that if necessary your movements can be backtracked. 

Step 2: Send the alert

If you feel threatened, send out an alert by either

  • shaking the phone (until red dial is filled)

  • using the slider

  • holding down the volume key or

  • double tapping on the phone 

  • If you have a Shake2Alert wearable Alert Button - you simply press the button to activate an alert


As soon as the alert is activated, an immediate SMS and email is sent out to the people you have nominated on your emergency contact list. From this moment onwards, your location can be viewed by them in real-time, along with audio and video clips.

Watch this Video to see how Shake2Alert works for you


  • Unlimited ICE  (in case of emergency)  contacts.

  • May be grouped by  your location or activity, such as 'Work', 'Home', 'Cycling Group'.

  • All receive an email and SMS notification when you activate an alert.

  • In an emergency, your contacts will immediately have access to your exact location and any video and audio evidence which your phone has automatically recorded.

  • This feature was designed to help users travel safely &confidently.

  • By entering your current location and the destination to which you are travelling, emergency contacts will be able to watch over you in real time throughout your journey.

  • Once the journey is over, your emergency contacts will be notified that you have arrived safely.

  • This feature is ideal for children heading home & sports enthusiasts such as cyclists, runners or hikers.

  • The meeting feature is a timed alert.

  • Ideal for someone working alone, or perhaps meeting a stranger. 

  • Any time that you may be in a situation where your phone won't be easily accessible, pre-set a timer for the expected duration of the meeting.

  • Should you not cancel the countdown - by entering your code - Shake2Alert will automatically send an alert - even if the phone is no longer with you.

  • The Man Down feature was designed to assist users when performing dangerous tasks and complies with international Lone Worker legislation.

  • Once the feature is activated, it monitors your movements and should there be a sudden impact or you become motionless, the app triggers an alert to your emergency contacts.

  • For example, if a lone worker has climbed a ladder and fallen, a hiker has slipped on a rocky path, or an elderly person has fallen, the feature will immediately let the necessary parties know, even if they are unconscious.

  • The report function is purely for information gathering and allows you to register an incident or log a suspicious activity.

  • This information may be forwarded to an appropriate authority or community organisations such as a neighbourhood watch group or campus.