Size: 3cm diameter, 7mm thick, 8 grams

Battery Type: Replaceable watch battery (CR2032), which lasts up to a year

Accessaries: Rubberised wristband and pendant ring (lanyard not included)

Range: 20 meters of your cellphone

Shake2Alert Wearable Panic Button
to activate an alert without having your phone in your hand



 one-off purchase

with Shake2Alert subscription

What about those sports men & women, who don't want the hassle of holding their phone while jogging or cycling, yet still want the ability to raise and instant alert...?

  • We have introduced a wearable panic button that links to the Shake2Alert app on your phone.


  • It can be worn on your wrist or as a pendant on a lanyard & is water-proof, so will not be affected by rain or perspiration.

  • When you need to raise an alert, simply press the button. It is totally innocuous - no one will know it is an alert button.  Use it as an alternative to shaking your phone.

  • Your smartphone would need to be with you, but not necessarily immediately accessible - such as in your pocket or backpack. - allowing you to be totally hands-free to enjoy your sport!

hands free...

 Free delivery within South Africa
Requires Shake2Alert subscription