As South Africans, we are concerned about the level of crime and understand that most people are aware of the need for more stringent security measures - both at home and when away from the home.


Our personal emergency app was developed for the rigorous requirements of the international security industry, who rebrand and market it as an additional service to their home alarm or response systems. Marketed under different names, this app is used by government agencies, women abuse organisations, the police and private security, to protect people in over 20 countries. 


We decided to introduce Shake2Alert, so that everyone could now have access to this new technology, not only those belonging to a large security company.  It is our goal to be able to provide a means for individuals and communities to play a more active role in their personal safety and that of their family.  

Because being prepared doesn't mean you're paranoid -

It means you're SMART!

​With Shake2Alert you will be prepared and able to instantly call for help - in situations such as carjacking, muggings, farm attacks, medical emergencies, domestic abuse or outdoor sporting activities - where your friends, family or community may be the quickest or most appropriate response. 


Imagine a situation where you or your family are potentially in danger - when you may not have time, or be able, to phone for help...What would you do?
Just shake your phone - It's really as simple as that!
OUR AIM is to ensure that as many people as possible have access to the best technology available when they are in trouble and need help fast.
Why Us?